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Set induction:

A big clock is hidden inside a covered box…  Pupils are asked to make a guess what is hidden inside?

A pupil is selected to open the box’s cover and discover the big clock.

Teacher introduce the topic of today: TIME

Step 1:  

1. Pupils are guided to name the longer and shorted hand as Minute hand and Hour hand respectively. 

2. Teacher showed the moving of minutes hand by moving the shorter hand.

3. Pupils are introduced with “quarter past  (hour) ” , “half past (hour)” and “quarter to (hour) .

4. Pupils are emphasized that
       i. quarter past = 15minutes past

         ii. half past = 30minutes past

         iii. quarter to = 45minutes past 

5. Few examples are showed with the big clock and pupils are selected to move the minutes hand and answer the correct answers. 

Step 2:
   1. Group activity: each group is given a little whiteboard and marker pen.

   2. Each group sends a representative to draw the minute hand and hour hand according to teacher’s instruction. 

   3. Each member takes turn to draw and collect the point for answer correctly.

   4. The highest mark’s group will reward a small present after the games.

Step 3:
1.Worksheet is distributed to each of the pupils

2. Teacher walk around and guide pupils.

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yUn chEn sOr on 22 November 2012 at 07:15 said...

A creative teaching plan.. thumb up


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